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8.2. How to place a client on the Waiting List

To place a client on a waiting list, open the event edit window as though to create an event on the day/week the client would like to come. You assign the Category to "Waiting List" and the important thing is that you need to ensure the time for the appointment is set to "None". This will place the appointment in the parking area.

No appointments placed on a waiting list will be sent any reminders.

PRO TIP: Do they already have an appointment booked?

If you have already created a booking for the patient, simply follow the below steps to copy to the waiting list:

  1. Once a booking is created, re-open the original event.
  2. Change the Category/Appointment Type to Wait List
  3. Add any additional notes in the name box (ie only available on Wednesday mornings).
  4. Change the date to when they should start appearing on the waiting list.
  5. If required you can repeat the event once a week until their upcoming booking. (Use the Repeat Information option)
  6. Now click Copy Event.
  7. This will create the waiting list event in the parking area while leaving the original booking unchanged.

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