1.3. Terminology

While using the calendar you may come across some specific jargon or terminology used. Some common jargon is detailed in this table.


This is your booking/appointment. It is used to both block times, make notes, book clients/patients. If you have a time that is event free, then this will be deemed as available to be booked.

Event Edit Window

This is the interface which is used to change or generate a new event.

Repeating Event  An event that has been set to repeat at certain intervals over a period of time. Eg. Every second Monday for 6 months.
Parking Area  This refers to the area at the top of the diary, between the date header and the time lists. Usually notes and waiting list are placed here.
Custom Field By default your calendar will include the fields for Name and Number. Custom fields refer to additional data entry fields in the event edit window unique to your specifications. E.g email address, referral source etc
Category This is a tag used for identifying an event type. All events must have a category selected before the event can be created.

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