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2.5. Determining Working Hours

In order to facilitate your needs as accurately as possible, The Silent Partner operates on a systemised process for determining availability. We do not write down a practitioners availability. Instead we block out all times we cannot book. If there is a white space (of the appropriate length of course) the operator will deem the time as available, and will book as such.

By default, your calendar visibility will begin on the hour before your earliest start date, and on the hour after your latest end date to allow for a red "do not book" band to be visible so the users can clearly identify when the caller can be booked. These bands are generated via a repeating event.

The onus is on the owner of the calendar to manage the availability of the practitioner. The Silent partner will take bookings and book patients into any time slot where this is an availability. If the owner of the calendar fails to block out times that they are not available, or does not manage their calendar appropriately (creates conflicting Do Not Book schedules, creating user confusion), then it is the clients responsibility to contact the patient and reschedule the booking. If you would like The Silent Partner to contact the patient to rebook, there may be a charge involved.

If you are on leave, not working or want to schedule a break, it is not The Silent Partners responsibility to manage this. However we are more than happy to adjust your calendar to reflect this change at your request, just email support@silentpartner.com.au with as much detail as possible regarding the change you want made. This will incur an additional one off charge on your next invoice for the time taken to make the change. Please refer to our price list for more information.

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