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11.3. Subscribing to Calcium from an Android Phone

Calcium Documentation

To understand how to subscribe to calcium from a remote calendar, select this link to be directed to the specific page in the calcium Documentation.

Subscribing to Calcium from an Android Phone

Part 1 - In your calcium calendar on PC

  1. Go to OPTIONS
  2. Select ICAL subscription
  3. Enter Username & Password
  4. "Subscribe" to this calendar
  5. URL Address will be provided
  6. Copy the URL link & paste into your email
  7. Email yourself the URL link

Part 2 - Open your Google Calendar

  1. Under "Other Calendars" in your left hand navigation, click the drop down arrow
  2. Select "Add Calendar by URL"
  3. Enter the copied URL from Calcium. 
  4. Click "Add Calendar"

Part 3 - On your Andriod Phone

  1. Open Calendar
  2. Under Multi-Calendar view, ensure your new calendar is checked

To access the calendar, go to the calendar icon on your phone & select calcium. There's no way to push events from the native calendar on your phone to the web calendar.

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