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11.4. Subscribing to Calcium from an iPhone

Calcium Documentation

To understand how to subscribe to calcium from a remote calendar, select this link to be directed to the specific page in the calcium Documentaion.

Subscribing to Calcium from an iPhone

Part 1 - In your calcium calendar on PC

  1. Go to OPTIONS
  2. Select ICAL subscription
  3. Enter Username & Password
  4. "Subscribe" to this calendar
  5. URL Address will be provided
  6. Copy the URL link & paste into your email
  7. Email yourself the URL link

Part 2 - On your iPhone

  1. Open Mail
  2. Open Email (with URL link)
  3. Copy Link
  4. Close Mail
  5. Open Settings
  6. Scroll to " Mail, Contacts, Calendars"
  7. Scroll down & Select " Add Account"
  8. Select " Other"
  9. Select " Add subscribed calendar"
  10. Paste URL link from above, next to "Server"
  11. Select " Next"
  12. Enter description of your calendar
  13. Select "Save"

To access the calendar, go to the calendar icon on your iPhone & select calcium. There's no way to push events from the native calendar on your iPhone to the web calendar.

IMPORTANT: To edit the calendar via your phone browser, you will need to select the day at the top of the screen as the iPhone does not respond to a double click.

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