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12.2. Subscribing to Calcium from your Google Calendar

Your can subscribe to Calcium from your Google Calendar by the following steps :-

In your Calcium Calendar

1.       Go to Options
2.       iCalendar Subscription
3.       Enter Your Username and Password
4.       Select Subscribe to this calendar
5.       Copy your calcium calendar address (which is located at the bottom)
6.       Reduce Calcium program on your screen

Then Go to Your Google calendar
1.       Go to Calendar tabs (can be across the top - 2nd tab from right end)
2.       Then go to "My calendars" tab (can be found on left hand side /vertical tab)
3.       Press the Far right arrow to Select Settings
4.       Then select Calendars
5.       Browse interesting calendars (found on the far right ;about half way down the page)
6.       Add by URL
7.       Then Paste in your calcium url link (from step 5 in calcium calendar steps as detailed above)
8.       Select Add Calendar


IMPORTANT TO NOTE: The Google calendar does not refresh instantly with data that is added to Calcium. (ie events entered into Google calendar will not be updated into your calcium calendar real time.)


Google control how often the Google Calendar is updated & will refresh accordingly.


They do say "every few hours" but it can take overnight / 12 hours.


You can read more by going to this link:

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