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12.1. Auditing

What is Auditing?

By default, every calendar has auditing turned on. It is a master notification system that emails a nominated email address every time a change is made in the calendar (created, edited, deleted)

Do I have Auditing?

Unless you have requested to have Auditing turned off, you will be receiving the notifications to a nominated email address. If you are unsure of this, or would like to clarify please contact support@silentpartner.com.au

Additional Auditing features

By default, the auditing feature will email the nominated address each time an event is created, edited or deleted. You can however receive a notification on the following features:

If you would like to add any additional notification features to your account, please contact support@silentpartner.com.au.

You should know:

With the notification of edit events, you will only be advised of what the change is eg if the time is the only thing changed, you will only be advised of the event text and the time, not the date of the event. This will be shown as:

oldtime -> newtime

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