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8.1. Understanding Support

Support is very important to us here at The Silent Partner. We pride ourselves on prompt and thorough support in regards to any concerns you may have. All queries will be responded to same working day.

In order to do successfully, we use a support ticketing system called Helpspot, as opposed to a general email account, to better facilitates our turn around on support requests.

All support queries should be emailed to support@silentpartner.com.au

 Working with Support Tickets

To manage our support issues, we use a product called Helpspot. This product allows us to contain all of our issues in one place and use a tracking ID to manage these. As a method of best practice, we find that the best way to get the most out of support is to ensure that the tracking ID is in the subject of your emails. Another good way is to simply select the link and update your request via a web browser.

If you send multiple emails in relation to one issue, it becomes difficult for us to contain all the information in one place and which will affect the support you get. Multiple people will start addressing the same issue and it can get confusing.

We ask that if you could please work within these guidelines, that would be most appreciated.

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