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2.2. Calendar Display

There are a number of different ways you can view your calendars. There's the traditional calendar Grid format, as well as a List format and a Time Plan format. There are also special "Planner" views of multiple calendars, for calendars using the "Dynamic Include" features. You can choose to display a day, week, month, quarter, or year at a time, and opt to display only dates that have events. Different users viewing the same calendar can pick whatever format they prefer without affecting other users.

By default, a calendar will be set up as a Time Plan format in week view, while an overview calendar (if you require one) is set in Planner view. Jump to Using Multiple Calendars (Chapter 9 - see below for links) for more information on how to navigate the calendar using the Planner view.

To navigate the Time Plan view, you will be using 2 navigation bars at the top of the screen. These will be explained in the next page.

You can change your view to suit your personal preferences. Feel free to experiment with the display options at the bottom of your calendar to find the option that suits you best. If you find a view that is more preferable to you (e.g you may prefer to view the current day only), you can save that URL which will store your preferences.

By default, your calendar visibility will begin on the hour before your earliest start date, and end on the hour after your latest end date to allow for a red "do not book" band to be visible so the users can clearly identify when the caller can be booked.

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