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13.1. Calendar does not go to current date

Q. When I open my calendar, it keeps going to the same date, not the current one. How do I change this? A. The problem is likely that the URL being used to get to the login page has a date specified in it. That could be from a link somewhere, or a bookmark. Check the URL; it should be something like: http://calcium.silentpartner.com.au/?Op=ShowIt&CalendarName=MyCalendar Not http://calcium.silentpartner.com.au/?Op=ShowIt&CalendarName=MyCalendar?Date=2008-04-01 If you see that "Date=xxxx-xx-xx" in the URL, remove it, and the login should redirect to today's date. Alternatively, use the base URL of http://calcium.silentpartner.com.au/

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