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9.1. Number Porting

What does Number Porting mean?

A number of years ago legislation was passed allowing consumers to have there number ported across carriers. What this means is that you can now change telephone carriers and keep your number by porting that number from one carrier to the other. There are costs involved but you are no longer connected to a carrier by your telephone number.

Porting Numbers to The Silent Partner means that your number can be transferred to our service provider and you will no longer pay call diversions.

How much does it cost?

There is a porting fee charged by each carrier so it really depends where we are porting away from. This fee is generally between $80 and $100 and is on-charged to the client. We do not place a margin onto these fee, we simply pass on what ever fee we are charged.

If you would like to Port your phone number to The Silent Partner, please complete the forms attached and submit to us.

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