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4.1. Voicemail

What is it?

An after hours service that allows your calls to go to a personalised voicemail system that will email you all messages.

When is it applicable?

Outside of business hours, ie nights, weekends and public holidays

How does it work?

Your number will go to Voicemail and the incoming caller's message will be emailed to you, as a wav. file, real time. There is no human interaction.

If you are on a free trial your Voicemail message is generic - ie not specific to your company / you personally

If you are on a paid account, your Voicemail message can be recorded to be personalised specific to you / your company and is recorded by a professional company at no additional charge. If you have a particular script you  would like used, please advise us.

if you need to have a voicemail message resent just email us at  support@silentpartner.com.au and we can organise that for you. 


There is a monthly fee for this service. Please refer to table 3b for subscription options and costings.


Want to make a change? email us at support@silentpartner.com.au

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