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3.2. Giving Silent Partner Access to PowerDiary

The Silent Partner (TSP) has a Power Diary Master Account under which we can view our various Power Diary clients. 

To establish a link to your diary, you (or your PowerDiary account holder if not you) will need to email PowerDiary support (support@powerdiary.com.au) to include your account under our Allied Partner Account.

To  support@powerdiary.com.au CC: support@silentpartner.com.au

Hi PowerDiary,

I would like to give The Silent Partner access to my Power Diary account. Please link The Silent Partner’s Allied Partner Master Access to my Power Diary so they can view my diary and start to support.


Please allow 2-3 business days for Power Diary to link your calendar to The Silent Partner's Master account. You can then determine what features you would like Silent Partner to have access to but please ensure that Silent Partner has access the following as a minimum:

We also recommend including the following if you would like us to be able to add in staff leave and provide configuration support as needed:

Once this has been done the account will be linked and we will have access to make/change appointments within your account. 

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