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2.3. Giving The Silent Partner Access To An Existing Timely Account

If you have an existing timely account, there is a two step process to allow Silent Partner access to your Timely account.

Step 1: You will need to send an email to Timely requesting this. Timely will add your account to our Partner account.

Simply cut and paste the details into an email as follows. Ensure that you are sending the email from the email address that you have registered with Timely to esnure your request is automatically authenticated.

Email To:  support@gettimely.com

Email CC: sales@silentpartner.com.au 

Email Subject: Add My Account to Silent Partner Partner Account

Email Body:

Dear Support,

please link my account with reseller Silent Partner (Partner Code: thesilentpartner).  

Please reply to confirm once this has been done.  

Kind regards   

[Your Name]

Step 2: After you have received an email reply from Timely confirming that your account has been lined to The Silent Partner Partner Account simply follow the steps below to complete the access process

  1. Log into Timely
  2. Select Account
  3. Select Login Details
  4. Enable Partner Takeover

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